It can be stoned into gold!

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It can be stoned into gold!

It can create miracles.

What is a miracle? The miracle is to become ordinary and beautiful; the miracle is to turn the decay into magic!

    What is it?

    It is a machine, a device that produces tiles.

    The bricks are processed and finished, and then glazed, fired and polished, and the miracle will be displayed in front of you.

    The jade brick produced by its processing is round and smooth like natural jade. The pattern penetrates from the inside to the outside, and the three-dimensional transparent and natural texture. The essence of the stone even surpasses the natural jade, showing the gorgeous atmosphere of jade!

It can be stoned into gold.

The average polished tile is tens of dollars per piece (900×900), and the same size inkjet oozing polished tile sells for more than 500 yuan. It makes the product appreciate more than five times, and the real point is gold!

(Imitate this hand on the jade brick, the jade brick spreads from the finger to the golden color)

It took Buffett out of a few streets.

Buffett is a stock god, with more than 40 years of investment, the annualized rate of return is about 25%. If you invest in our protagonist - Engineering Electromechanical's blanking machine, what is the annual rate of return? Ah, wrong, you should ask what the monthly rate of return is; ha? Still wrong? Yes, what is the daily rate of return? !

The price of a standard configuration is less than 300,000 yuan, and the processing cost per square brick is less than a dime. Its daily output is 9600m2, and the profit per square brick is calculated by the lowest 50 yuan, and the daily profit is more than 480,000 yuan!

Dear guest, if you are the boss of the ceramics industry, act quickly, make a decisive investment, and do it quickly! Otherwise, you are at risk of being eliminated!

What is it capable of?

1. It can remove the blank powder on the surface of the brick. There will be a layer of blank powder on the surface of the brick and the drying kiln, which will easily produce chromatic aberration after sintering, increase the color of the brick and reduce the quality of the brick. The engineering electromechanical blanking machine can remove the blank powder and reduce defects such as crack glaze and orange peel glaze.

2. Improve the smoothness of the brick. Engineering machinery and electromechanical blanking machine, the processing thickness is controlled within 1mm, and the structure of the circulating flow mill can significantly improve the flatness of the brick. When the flatness is increased, the amount of glazing can be reduced, and the amount of abrasives used during polishing can be reduced. More importantly, after the surface of the brick is cut by a small-circle grinding disc, the particle size of the particles has a good homogenization effect, which can prevent a series of defects such as orange peel glaze.

3. Homogenize surface energy. The surface of the blank body from the drying kiln has a certain surface energy, but the surface energy of the whole body is uneven. After being processed by the engineering electromechanical blanking machine, the surface energy of each point of the green body can be effectively homogenized, thereby Significantly improve the quality of the glaze and improve the superior quality of the tile.

Why is it so good?

1. Adopting a specially developed and efficient planetary structure transmission system, the working efficiency of the equipment is extremely high and the damage rate of the ceramic tile is extremely low.

2, using PLC control system, the electrical components are highly modular, making the equipment extremely reliable and easy to overhaul.

3. There is a semi-intelligent production management system. After the grinding block wears through preset parameters, the system can automatically compensate.

4, with a wide range of applicability, can be used for surface polishing processing of 300-1800 various specifications of brick.

5, environmentally friendly, clean, scientific and comprehensive sealed dust removal system to ensure that the dust generated inside the equipment is effectively controlled and eliminated.

It, who is using it?

At present, more than 60 companies such as Guangdong Dongpeng Co., Ltd., Guangdong New Pearl Group, and Jiujiang Nobel Ceramics are in use, and users give it a high evalsuation.

Why is engineering electromechanical so cow?

Founded in 2005, Guangdong Gongke Electromechanical Co., Ltd. uses almost all its profits for technological innovation and product development every year. Up to now, it has obtained 59 national patents, including 4 invention patents. There are 10 invention patents being declared, including 2 international invention patents. The company's first "circulating grinding" waxing machine solved the anti-fouling and brightening problem of ceramic tiles for the first time in the whole industry and became an expert in polishing anti-fouling and brightening technology equipment. The invention of the circulating-flow grinding and casting machine is also the first in China. The product quality of the fully polished glazed bricks has been improved; the "ceramic pressure wheel" edging machine produced has truly solved the accuracy problem of "edging" and has obvious energy saving and environmental protection effects. The invention of the "circulating grinding" polishing machine has established a new polishing equipment system, which provides a complete line solution for efficient processing, energy saving and environmental protection in the ceramic industry.

Investing, focusing and continuous innovation, making engineering and electromechanical become the industry leader!


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